Of Men and Angels is the sixth episode of Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.


CLARY LEARNS THE TRUTH ABOUT HER PAST: Magnus and Luke reveal Clary's past. Meanwhile, Isabelle and Alec are tasked to restore their family name in the eyes of the Clave.

With Luke in dire need of help, Jace, Clary and Simon take him to Magnus' lair in hopes of saving his life. Once there, the story of how Valentine came to be evil, and Jocelyn and Luke's past is revealed to Clary in hopes of triggering her memory of what happened to The Mortal Cup.


  • Y. Shireen Razack — writer
  • Oz Scott — director
  • Alyson Silverberg and Jonathan Clay Harris — casting directors
  • Director of Photography — Eric Cayla
  • TBA


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A list of the songs and score music featured in this episode:

  • "Where Do We Go From Here" - Ruelle


  • This episode features the first (excluding Valak) non-shapeshifting demon—or at least one not in humanoid form—seen in the series; the demon even somewhat resembled a Shax or a smaller Ravener.
  • The Angel Raziel is mentioned in this episode.